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Max is serious about his toy cars!

It's hard to believe Max is a doll... sshhhhh, don't tell him, it might hurt his feelings!
Psychologists and Child Life Specialists say that because our dolls have such expressive body language, kids can use them to communicate their own difficult-to-talk-about feelings. By allowing the doll to be their alter-ego, kids can work through sensitive issues easier.
Or they can just play and have fun ~ either way works!

Get answers to some of your questions.

What's next in our amazing story?

Getting ready to launch our great line of dolls! After several years of development, we're getting close to the time when our dolls will be ready to go to their forever homes. More soon on WHEN!

What will our other faces look like?

On the drawing board right now are wonderful faces that look like real kids! In our initial release we plan to have boys and girls who are Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian. Maybe we'll let you vote on the faces you like the best ~ that could be fun!

Will there be one like me?

3D printing is an astonishing thing and it's hard to believe how fast it's improving. Our ultimate goal is for kids to be able to send in a photo of themselves for us to duplicate their faces through 3D printing. It's a ways off right now, but one day that will be possible, and when it is, we intend to offer a doll that looks like you!

Where can I buy one?

When we say LET'S GO ~ We're Launching Just for You! Dolls ~ you can order your special doll from right here on our website. We're so excited for that day to come soon!

If you have some good news or a heartwarming story to tell us about kids - with or without special healthcare needs - generally being awesome to each other, please share it with us

so we can share and inspire others. Isn’t that what friends are for?

Our Early Prototype "Evie"

wants to show you some of the fun things she and Max can do!

And remember, with or without a limb differences: no stands ~ no strings ~ no tricks!

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